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Going on vacations?

Have you plans to go traveling soon? Have you ever been to France? This might be something that is hard to do and I do believe that this should be done in a very good way. Yes, why not just go away and enjoy this beautiful country with your friends, family or just be yourself? I don't know that this is about but I do like to recommend this for all of us and why not just try to get over it while its possible instead of going on vacations to a place that you don't like? Yes, I do ...

Good kids!

Today a girl came up, one of my students, and told me that she and her friend, both think that I am their best teacher. That really warms your heart. Particularly when this comes from two students that I was a little annoyed with at the end of last semester. TLC, my way works: Tough Loving Care! I was very happy and thanked the girl. Sure, these are moments that make you want to continue as a teacher even though your head is about to explode from over stimulation sometimes. When I finish in December, I will miss all these ...

I want to see the news.

The custom designed lcd for our kitchen arrived today. Now I hope my husband has time to mount this on the place where it is designed for. And of course we hope that it will fit, although I am not doubting because I am quite sure that the man who makes this did a very good job. And from now on I have my own television in the kitchen and I can watch every news show I want without nagging children who disturbing me or telling me that I have to switch the television on a children channel, which I ...


Back home from Tallinn and it has been great. The weather was terrific, all the food was very nice, the kids had fun in the kids club and we were in very good company. This has been a really great trip to do with our family from The Netherlands. Tallinn is so cozy and has a lot of characteristics medieval buildings. The kids think to see a knight on each corner and have fun by imagining that they are knights as well. Certainly because the atmosphere is medieval and it isn’t hard to imagine that the real knights just left.